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Pre-employment screening is a component of the employee selection process that involves evaluating and verifying an applicant’s job-related qualifications and identifying potential hiring risks—the results of which can be used to make better hiring decisions. When performed correctly, background screening enlightens hiring decisions with a holistic view of an applicant’s past that is tempered by the risk profile and requirements of the job.

Our comprehensive employment screening services are designed to quickly, easily and accurately bring the right people into your organization. Using only quality data sources and maintaining the safety of personal identifying information ensures that you get the insight you need without unnecessary risks.

A comprehensive background screening program can offer significant cant value to organizations that rely on the work of individuals. Heightened employee morale, brought about by a safe and secure work environment, can help define organizational culture and drive achievement of corporate goals. That’s the big picture of what background screening can accomplish. However, the reasons that initially compel a company to screen are wide-ranging.

Make better hiring decisions—the first time If you could start over again, which of your employees would you rehire? In any aspect of business, knowledge is the key to making informed decisions. Much rides on decisions that can help lay the foundation for the future, such as selecting individuals to join your workforce. Companies rely on pre-employment background screening to help bring the right people on board—the first time.

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